Our Leadership Team

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Bbiswajit Biswas

Founder & CEO, SB Creation

Bbiswajit Biswas founded Renu SB Creation Software (P) Limited (SB Creation) in 2005 following his previous success as a technology innovation, business consulting, and engineering expert.
He plays an active role in the organisation providing strategic road map & also executing the same along with the management team, As founder and CEO, Bbiswajit manages all aspects of SB Creation international business Deals.


Atrick Mukherjee

Director, SB Creation

Atrick Mukherjee is a man with a lot of energy. After serving in Banking Industry for Five years Atrick started his own company and simply never ran out of juice. The thing is,entrepreneurship was not one of many options for Atrick,it was the Only one. The reason for starting his own company was independence. You are your own boss-doing your own thing,setting your own priorities.There was the urge to create something,do something different. According to Atrick Mukherjee - The thing with entrepreneurship is you can’t afford to have a big ego. You want to stay in business,you do every bit of business that comes along.You want to keep the dream afloat,That one idea which makes you a BRAND. Today Atrick Mukherjee is not only a successful IT entrepreneur but also running chain of other business too.

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