Our Leadership Team

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Bbiswajit Biswas

Founder & CEO, SB Creation

Bbiswajit Biswas founded Renu SB Creation Software Private Limited (SB Creation) in 2005 following his previous success as a technology innovation, business consulting, and engineering expert.
He plays an active role in the organisation providing strategic road map & also executing the same along with the management team, As founder and CEO, Bbiswajit manages all aspects of SB Creation international business Deals.


Ranendra Narayan Dutta

VP Of Strategy, SB Creation

Having more than 20 years of experience in software engineering and consulting in several CMM Level 5 and Fortune 500 companies, Ran helps in defining SB Creation's Corporate Strategy with his knowledge and expertise. He is responsible for strategic planning, with a strong focus on quality and data-driven analysis. Being familiar with handling startups, his guidance and motivation of digital transformation help SB Creation to achieve success within and outside the organization. He is also the Vice-President of Software Engineering and Overseas operations of an US based Software as a Service company. He has been instrumental in building its global enterprise software as a service platform from scratch and managing its operations from overseas.


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